Famous Ghanaian socialite and actress Efia Odo, has spoken out about the speculations surrounding her recently concluded relationship with the Reggae and Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale.

She stated that despite sharing a bed with the well-known musician, their night together did not involve any intimate activities. Efia Odo emphasized that the only connection between her and Shatta Wale was that of friendship and nothing more.

In an upcoming episode of Gh Queens, the actress dismissed speculations, making it clear that Shatta Wale was not someone she desired romantically. She expressed her weariness with the persistent question, clarifying that although she and Shatta Wale had shared a bed, they did not engage in any sexual activities. Efia Odo asserted that if she were to be intimate with a man, she would, but her interactions with Shatta Wale were purely platonic.



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