Boti Falls is a pair of waterfalls situated in Boti, within the Yilo Krobo District of the Eastern Region in Ghana. Originating from two separate rivers, these twin falls are commonly identified as male and female. Local folklore suggests that a rainbow emerges when the two waterfalls converge. Boti Falls is a seasonal attraction, featuring dual parallel falls during periods of high water flow, accessible via 250 concrete steps. Positioned in the Huhunya forest, it transforms into a captivating canyon of falling water during peak flow. Mythically, the larger fall is perceived as male, while the smaller one is considered female, resembling twins according to some beliefs.

Standing at a height of 30 meters above ground level, Boti Falls draws its water from the Ponmpon River, coursing through the Huhunya forest reserve. The water cascades down the mountainous rock, forming a pool at ground level where locals often engage in swimming.


According to historical accounts shared by Kingdom Ventures, the managers of Boti Falls, a white Catholic priest discovered the falls while surveying the area. In the 1960s, the waterfall gained fame and even attracted visits from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of the Republic of Ghana. The optimal time to experience Boti Falls is during the rainy season, from June to August, when the two falls unite in a splash, creating a splendid and colorful rainbow that locals interpret as a symbolic “mating ceremony.”

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