TV3 morning show host Berla Mundi celebrated her wedding in a private ceremony on January 5, 2024, with her longtime boyfriend, David Tabi. The couple has not shared photos from the intimate event on social media yet. Various media personalities and celebrities have extended their congratulations to the affluent pair for their lovely union.

Berla Mundi, a popular Ghanaian media personality, and David Tabi, an heir to a prosperous mining company, have garnered widespread attention with news of their discreet wedding. The stylish couple, who have been in a relationship for several years, has become the focus of public interest.

Berla Mundi stands out among Ghanaian celebrities, as her private life remains untouched by rumors. There has never been any speculation or headlines regarding her relationships. Therefore, her marriage to David Tabi has come as a surprising revelation for many, given the discreet nature of her personal affairs.

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