Renowned Nollywood actress Regina Daniels recently shared a captivating glimpse into her personal life on her Instagram page. The post featured an intriguing exchange between her and her affluent husband, Ned Nwoko.

In the disclosed conversation, Ned Nwoko posed a thought-provoking question, asking Regina whether she would have chosen to marry him if he pursued a career as a mechanic instead of being a billionaire. Regina’s witty and candid response added a touch of humor to the exchange. She playfully questioned, “Where would you have seen me? Is it when I come to fix my car?” This response not only showcased Regina’s quick wit but also provided a lighthearted insight into the dynamics of their relationship, leaving fans and followers amused and engaged. The social media post generated considerable buzz, with many admiring the couple’s playful banter and the unique dynamics that define their union.


Below are some of the reactions from the general public

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