The University of Cape Coast has made a historic move by appointing its first visually impaired law lecturer. In a groundbreaking decision, the university has embraced inclusivity and diversity by selecting an individual with visual impairment to contribute to the academic landscape. This significant appointment marks a milestone in the institution’s commitment to providing equal opportunities and breaking down barriers for individuals with disabilities.

The University of Cape Coast has marked a historic milestone by appointing Carruthers Tetteh as its first visually impaired lecturer in the Faculty of Law. Commencing his role in December 2023, Tetteh is entrusted with teaching Criminal Law and the Ghana Legal System, bringing a unique perspective to these subjects. His academic journey at UCC culminated in the attainment of a Bachelor of Laws Degree in 2019, wherein he distinguished himself with First-Class Honours.

Tetteh’s story is one of resilience and determination, having overcome the challenges of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which resulted in his blindness approximately two decades ago. Enrolled at the Akropong School for the Blind in 2003, he found inspiration to pursue a legal career. Notably, he was among the 844 lawyers called to the Bar on November 11, 2022.

His academic prowess extends beyond law, as he previously earned a Bachelor of Education in Art, majoring in English, from UCC in 2015. Garnering First-Class Honours, he was recognized as the Overall Best Graduating Student with visual impairment. Presently, Tetteh is pursuing a Master of Laws Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the University of Ghana and is also a candidate for the Professional Executive Master in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Institute of Paralegal Training and Leadership Studies in Accra.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Tetteh is an active advocate for persons with disabilities and the underprivileged. Serving on the Board of Directors for the Naa oo Naa Foundation, a Ghanaian NGO focusing on the development of underprivileged communities, including those with disabilities, he contributes to areas such as Health, Education, and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, he is a board member of Hope for Future Generation, an NGO dedicated to advocating for women, children, and Persons Living with Disabilities.

Professionally, Tetteh is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court, actively engaged in the Legal and Case Management Unit of the National Council for Persons Living with Disabilities. His multifaceted involvement reflects not only his commitment to legal excellence but also his dedication to societal betterment and inclusivity.

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